Hi. I'm Allegra.

I started Gumball in 2015 as a student radio show called Radio Gumball. Later I moved away from radio and into booking, management, PR, and consulting. I'm devoted to supporting rising acts and independent music in all its forms, helping bands and artists shape their strategy online, in the real world, and out on the road.

I'm currently employed as an assistant at Direct Management.

Acts I've worked with
Thumpasaurus • Vulfpeck • Jacob Collier • Cory Wong • BAUM • Okudaxij • Lawrence • MUNA • Huxlee • Rett Madison • Sure Sure • PROM • Ramonda Hammer • The Elwins • Ginger Root • Emily Elbert • KNOWER • Motel Raphael • CAFUNE • Justin Jay • Rachel Mazer • Max Ox • Bedbugs • French Vanilla • Anna Ash • The Love-Inns • Sam Wilkes